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Monsanto report: Even small amounts hurt me.
Roundup (glyphosate) is a controversial herbicide away from the global company that is very unpopular: Monsanto. Each year, millions of tons of this chemical are applied to traditional agricultural fields. However, the ecosystems of contaminated river tours of our planet, as well as many species of animals and plants. It is also unclear if the substance can be carcinogenic in humans. However, this is the case in animals, even with small amounts of glyphosate. However, many countries would like to extend the financing authorization.

If you do not inform, what’s next?
On June 6, 2016, state representatives voted to extend the approval of glyphosate in Brussels. However, the required majority has not been achieved, Gethealthyfreedom so an additional vote will be taken in the near future.

Most EU countries support the continued use of the glyphosate-containing Roundup-weedkiller herbicide. Some countries are divided and prefer to abstain, such as Germany, France or Italy.

Sooner or later, Roundup will be nominated again in the fields. If it is not a news report, what toxins will farmers take? Maybe for much stronger weapons? Which mixtures are less known than those of Roundup?

It should not be the question: glyphosate, yes or no? It should be rather: Do we love poison in our environment? Do we want poison in food? Do we prefer that our food producers resort to means that could cause diseases? Do they harm animals and plants? Does that contribute to the fact that more species of animals and plants die every day?

Or do we prefer the agriculture you try to do without toxins? Organic farmers show that this is possible day after day and month after month and year after year.

Because we will not have to write about studies that indicate that the report or any poison can cause one or the other.

The news even harms the smallest amounts.
But as long as there are many people who believe that agricultural toxins are harmless, otherwise they will not leave them, as long as there are companies like Monsanto, the farmers will convince, only the name and genetic engineering can be profitable, as long as we write about the harmful effects of Herbicides, pesticides and trivial fungicides.

For example, one study found that exposure to precise amounts of the preparation report can actually cause significant genetic changes, changes in the genes can lead to a variety of health problems.

The “inactive” substances in the news are more harmful than glyphosate alone
The study was published in August 2015 in the Journal of Environmental Health. This is the first research in a series of research under the direction of the Doctor of Molecular Genetics. Michael Antonio of King’s College London and Dr. Cell Biology and Molecular Biology. Robin Mesnage

The latter was successful in the experience of the elements “Roundup” in the past and, therefore, could reverse the geometry of the Gethealthyfreedom composition of the product.

This represents an important research achievement. Until then, the identity of the individual components and their effects on the health of the human body were totally or partially unknown.

Mesnage discovered, among other things, that the “inactive ingredients” alleged only in Roundup could be more dangerous to humans than glyphosate alone.

His research group Gene Expressions & Therapy Group is particularly interested in how quickly the exposure of chemicals during fetal growth and at early ages affects the functions of genes permanently; The researchers also want to know more about the effects of low-dose chemicals on the hormonal system.

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