Does coconut oil as facial care prevent pores of the skin?

Does coconut oil as facial care prevent pores of the skin?
The experiments vary here, so it seems that it depends on the individual, whether the coconut oil in the face care now has a therapeutic effect or if the skin problem is worse.

Some people in acne report that acne has disappeared with coconut oil. Others say that coconut oil causes the disease to flourish. Why does coconut oil work differently? How do you know if coconut oil is good for you or a little bad?

Coconut oil is officially considered comedogenic, which means that it should be able to promote the development of black spots and spots.

However, we always find that comedogenicity is present in high doses of the corresponding substance with the so-called. Test the rabbit, but not in Trialix humans. In addition to the rigor of these tests (not only oils, but also hot materials and corrosion are tested), it has been known for many years that the results can not be converted into human skin.

Then, when the substance is called comedogenic, it means that it can be comedogenic, but it is not in any case, but experience has shown it only to people who are particularly susceptible to impurities.

The coconut oil is put on the scale of the comedogenetic, depending on the source, either two or four. The scale is up to five, which is above the comedogeneity. So, coconut oil has a low to moderate tendency for blackheads (if you want to believe in the animal’s experience), and that’s only with people who have been properly evaluated.

Who are the people “properly inclined” to the fact that comedogenic substances can promote black spots and spots?

What type of skin darkens the pores of coconut oil?
It depends on the type of skin, whether the coconut oil clogs the pores or not. First, natural vegetable oil alone can not clog pores. They are blocked by skin cells, dead skin cells, sebum and bacteria. Now only blackheads or pimples develop.

Those with thick skin pores are more likely to clog pores than Trialix Canada people who have precise pores. Those with their thick skin pores often have blackheads. In this case, coconut oil can force the formation of black spots.

This can be avoided by applying nice peels before applying coconut oil. Eliminates substances that can lead to clogged pores.

People with soft skin pores often have dry skin, because the delicate pores of the skin produce little sebum. At the same time, the micro pores in the skin provide a small area of ​​material that can clog pores in the skin. Therefore, coconut oil is good for skin care. Yes, for many people, coconut oil is a true elixir of the miracle of the skin.

In addition to the benefits of coconut oil described above, this calms the skin, reduces tension and cures redness. It is rich in antioxidants, such as. B. Ferric acid: an antioxidant phenolic acid, which is more effective than vitamin E. It reduces age spots, repairs the damage caused by ultraviolet rays and reduces the aging of the skin.

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