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Fatty liver – comprehensive measures
In addition to a healthy diet, there are other comprehensive procedures that may be useful for fatty liver or liver regeneration.

Intestinal rehabilitation of the liver, since probiotics help reduce the accumulation of fat in the liver.
Disinfect the liver with substances as bitter as milk thistle and turmeric, the active ingredient in the roots of turmeric.
Total detoxification to relieve the liver, our largest detoxification device.
Read more about fatty liver disease below, but you should follow the history of each study closely to follow the evolution of science:

Fatty liver: causes
Fatty liver favors heart disease.
Do not breastfeed: fatty liver in children.
To show:
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Saturated fat is not responsible for atherosclerosis

It is widely believed that saturated fats such as butter or coconut oil lead to deposits in the walls of blood vessels, which can clog blood vessels slowly but surely, leading to heart attacks and strokes. However, in an article in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, three cardiologists said that this view of things was simply wrong, because saturated fat is not the cause of atherosclerosis. On the other hand, clogged blood vessels have a completely different cause.

Saturated fats and heart health.
In June of 2017, he again directed a saturated fat warning for global media. The reason for this was the review of the American Heart Association, published in the Journal of Blood Circulation of Dietary Fat and Cardiovascular Disease. We have already mentioned this (coconut oil improves intestinal inflammation, section “Coconut oil in the main titles”).

The headlines said that coconut oil was bad for the heart or, in general, unhealthy and harmful. In circulation, however, this was not legible. Quite the contrary. It only existed that coconut oil compared to polyunsaturated fats could raise the level of cholesterol and, therefore, discouraged coconut oil. It is also clearly stated that one does not know how coconut oil affects cardiovascular risk because there are no clinical studies available.

Instead, two studies in particular were mentioned. One was from 1995 and was carried out with a large number of up to 28 people. If we mention this study as evidence of this or that, it means that such an old study with a few participants was not representative.

The second study is that of 2016, which we have already mentioned in the previous text (coconut oil improves intestinal inflammation) as evidence of the safety of coconut oil. Because it says that the population of the countries of origin of the coconut has always consumed a large quantity of coconut products, without any adverse effects on cardiovascular health being noticed. The problem does not lie in the coconut itself, but in the rest of the food – this is completely different for people who consume a lot of coconut, among other things, people in the western world.

Saturated fats are not a problem as part of a healthy diet
In other words, coconut and coconut oil are completely harmless if eaten completely. However, for those people who are delivered to the western model food system, and many bakery and pasta products, and many dairy products and consume a large amount of meat products and the finished solution, sweets and fast foods, as well as the Coconut oil can have very negative effects of consumption.

These associations did not mention the American Heart Association naturally, bite but – as usual – at the cholesterol level feast. This book was published by coconut oil as well as butter, beef fat and palm fat significantly increased. Whether or not coconut oil (or any of these fats) as part of a healthy diet would also lead to an increase in cardiovascular problems, you do not know – and not because, because this aspect has never been studied.

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