Healthy blood vessels protect against diabetes

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So far, researchers have hypothesized that the activity of insulin-producing pancreatic cells decreases with age and increases the risk of diabetes. However, an international study now indicates that diseased capillaries in the pancreas are Trialix behind. Therefore, take measures to help replenish blood vessels, thus maintaining diabetes from the ground.


Healthy blood vessels – healthy pancreas

In fact, it is always said that diabetes leads to Trialix CANADA diseased blood vessels in the course of the disease. This could be. But even already diseased blood vessels can lead to diabetes in the first place.


Diabetes is associated with chronic inflammatory processes, as we now know.


However, chronic inflammation facilitates the deposition in the walls of the vessels. Therefore, circulatory circulation is altered, especially in blood vessels and smaller capillaries.


Now the pancreas is surrounded by a thin network of capillaries. Receive nutrients and oxygen through these blood vessels.


Now, if the current chronic inflammation destroys the capillaries, the pancreas no longer receives enough nutrients and does not contain enough oxygen.









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