So, yoga is a very good way

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So, yoga is a very good way to be faster for non-smokers. In 2012, researchers from the women’s health magazine wrote that smoking is the most common cause of death among American women and that smoking should be desirable.

Aerobic sports have proven to be very useful for quitting because they can demonstrate emotional mood and reduce nicotine withdrawal symptoms. However, yoga, in addition to Tai Chi, can help stop smoking as another type of non-aerobic movement.

55 women were named for an interview and divided into two groups. One group received a general health and wellness program, while the other group practiced yoga twice a week for 8 weeks. At the end of the two months, there was a number of non-smokers in the yoga group more than the control group.

Two years later, the following yoga study was published, this time in the Journal of Smoking Cessation. In this study, of the 31 male smokers, some of whom have smoked for more than 30 years, 29% have become non-smokers when practicing yoga exercises regularly.

10. Meditation – Become a non-smoker
A study conducted in the 1990s found that Transcendental Meditation is a very good way to quit smoking. More than 1,000 smokers received a magnum trt booklet on Transcendental Meditation in this study. 226 of them learned this form of meditation, and the rest did not.

Two years later, half of those who constantly looked at non-smokers and 30% had significantly reduced the number of cigarettes. Those who only waited sometimes were also successful. 20 percent were non-smokers, 34 percent smoked less than before. In the control group, in the group where no one was contemplating, 20% stopped smoking and 12% smoked less.

Therefore, the success of regular Transcendental Meditation is convincing, especially because meditation, of course, not only helps to stop smoking, but also to a greater sense of self, which is reflected in better health and spiritual development. .

Also in the 1990s, a review was conducted, which reviewed 19 studies, which had the effect of Transcendental Meditation to stop smoking (but also on the withdrawal of alcohol and other drugs).

The researchers concluded in their conclusion: “Transcendental Meditation significantly reflects the physiological and psychological factors that lead to drug abuse compared to other forms of meditation and relaxation, and has reduced transcendental meditation in both the” ordinary “and clearly addicted population. to the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and illicit drugs “. .

Detoxification of tobacco toxins
Then, when you go through the first days of not smoking, your body begins to detoxify. Trying to fill all the tobacco poisons stored over the years by the tissue and transform them. These toxins can contribute to discomfort such as headache, diarrhea, fatigue, irritability or depressed mood.

The symptoms described should be considered positive (toxin that leaves the body now) and not an opportunity to regain the cigarette. Therefore, it is advisable to support the body properly during the detoxification process to accelerate drainage and thus shorten the period of discomfort.

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