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To focus specifically on the apparent cause of these conditions, alternative health remedies increasingly prefer the term gluten toxicity instead of gluten intolerance. The toxicity of gluten, which causes autoimmune reactions such as gastrointestinal diseases, is mainly caused by the glialin (globulin) found in gluten.

Geladins are proteins that are insoluble in water and are produced by a combination of several amino acids. Combined with the glutlin protein blend, glycine forms the backbone of wheat gluten. The geladins are the main cause of glutenĀ Keto Viante intolerance in people with gastrointestinal disorders and, therefore, should be avoided at all costs. However, given that the ability to digest glaciers in general can appear in the form of many symptoms (including chronic fatigue and mental disorders), Davis emphasizes:

Not only people suffer from gluten intolerance and abdominal diseases. This affects us all. Joy is not suitable for anyone. In fact it is opiate! This product is associated with opioid receptors in our brain and stimulates appetite in most people,
Davis said.

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